Here's to my first blog post. I am a blogger of few words because I personally would rather look at pictures and videos. So here is a short post about my first bouldering competition. As a predominantly crack climber I am the first but not last to say I really suck at bouldering. So it was nice to compete at a more laid back and fun competition. I entered in the Rec league [V0-V2] but ended up competing in the Intermediate league [V3-V5] and getting last place. But at least I proved to myself I was stronger and better than Rec!  Here are a few photos.

Looking strong... but not climbing very strong. Also do I always stand this awkward?

Getting to do what I'm good at. Hand jamming for days!

Coolest problem to date! Toe hook, hand stand, sit up start.

Hey and I won this sweet guide book to the high sierras! Time to do my own Sufferfest?

PS: Lopi and I are headed to Indian Creek so stay tuned for a more worth while blog post!