I am currently working on a video of my latest trip to Indian Creek/ Potash Road. Until then I decided to post some of my favorite pictures and share a few words of how amazing the trip was! The trip started out with a quick day at potash road where I led up a few slab routes and even ran the last route out for about 40 feet seen below...


She-la the Peeler

 Potash Road

We then headed into Indian Creek and decided our next day would be to send the South Six Shooter. Unfortunately when we got to the base we were stuck behind a group of 12 who was stuck behind a group of 4 so we turned around and ended the day bouldering near the base.

That night we sat around a campfire with Cedar Wright his wife Nellie there dog Gus and two friends Sean and Robert. It was an epic night which was followed by an awesome day climbing at the 2nd Meat Wall with Cedar and the gang.

My friend Tyler and Andrew on 

Unknown R of Tube Steaks

We even got to watch Cedar launch is video helicopter off towards the six shooters

Cedar Wright with his helicopter

Needless to say it was an amazing trip that ended with climbing one of the coolest looking routes off potash road called pocket rocket and Tyler beasted it out on lead.


Pocket Rocket

Along with all this amazing climbing I also got to do a little painting. One evening after a long day of climbing I perched myself on a hill at twilight and painted the sunset. Painting by head lamp can be quite the challenge.

Head lamp on my almost finished painting