Oh the Matterhorn
I don’t want to see your summit
No I just want my best friend back
And all you can give me is distant memories
But something we will always have

Oh the Matterhorn
Only you and I will ever share
That day up up in thin air
Where Julia and I did sit
Not just sit but post hole too
With sunburn skin
And snow-blind eyes
And the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen
Oh we laughed and we cried
And you heard our secrets I can't lie

Oh the Matterhorn
We drove away that day
And I can’t think of a better place to play
You know we were stupid to even try
Because you know how much Julia hated the cold
And yet you let us get so close

Oh the Matterhorn
From season to season nothing has changed
Do you even feel her missing now?
As the leaves on your trees turn from yellow to brown
And then fall to the ground
So also do my tears

Oh the Matterhorn
We all shall pass
But you will always remain
Thanks for letting me feel her once again

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