It's been awhile since I've updated my blog with my recent art pieces. So here is what the past 6 months have looked like in my right brain.

Donner Lake, Truckee CA. This was the first place I felt like I could live forever. The people, the community, the mountains... home.

Cathedral Peak, Tuolumne CA. One of my first climbs in Tuolumne. I've climbed it a hand full of times since and it will never get old. A true classic.

Eichorn Pinnacle, Tuolumne CA. Connected and easily linkable with cathedral peak. This formation has got to be one of the most photogenic climbs!

Half dome, Yosemite, CA. This rock is probably one of my favorite things to draw. I always try to capture it in a new medium every time I do. 

Taft point, Yosemite CA. Ravens and Yosemite. My first venture out to this point was with Corbin at sunset. The valley was filled with smoke from a nearby fire and the last light had already disappeared from the horizon. As we peered into the void I could feel the draw to fly. It must be the most free feeling to be able to sore from these cliffs. It consumes my thoughts often. But with passion comes pain and Corbin was silent. Torn between the worlds of the walkers and the flyers. I'll never forget that day.

Candy Skull. Sometimes you just gotta let your weird out.

Susitna 100, Big Lake AK. To be truly alone in the words is something I dream of often. Where you go from civilized to wild and you learn how to live, to sustain, to do with and without. My spirit animal, the wolf, is with me in these spaces, vicious and powerful.