Great organizations doing good things for the world. I want to write more about all the amazing charities that are out there and all the amazing things they are doing and how you can get involved.

The awesome thing about Oxfam is that they give you a bunch of things to support along with a bunch of ways to give! In one of my favorite books, The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer, it brings up Oxfam a lot. Oxfam can very specifically tell you exactly where your money is going and how it will be used. I strongly support their movement for clean water but they are doing so much more good in the world as well.

One of the unique things Oxfam offers is this feature called unwrapped. Unwrapped is a great way to give and encourage people to give as well. It takes the stress and emptiness out of gift giving. Essentially you can buy a donation in someone else's name as a gift for Birthday or Christmas or Wedding or whenever and Oxfam will send them a card telling them that they helped a village with clean water or gave a family 10 chickens or etcetera. Money you would have otherwise spent on something they would have never used or just given to them in cash is actually going to someone in need. To the extremely impoverished suffering daily.

Just check it out! A super unique way to give.