I flew to Calgary on Wednesday night where I met up with my best friend from college Nikki. We ended up sleeping in a Walmart parking lot that night and blasting off for adventures the next morning. We hit Banff climbed a fun multipitch, had a few beers (I really struggled... I don't drink) with some cool Canadians, and checked out the most bizarre castle! The next morning we got the beta from the locals and hit up the back of Lake Louise. When we crawled out of the back of Nikki's car (where we spooned every night) there was a light dusting of snow covering Banff but we decided to climb anyways. We loaded up by noon and were headed to Jasper stopping along the way to eat and run are legs out.

We drove all night and maybe a slept a little. By the time we made it to the Yukon we were stoked to be there. So stoked we cracked out the skis to get in some turns. We were close to the Alaska border so we headed over to cell service and more stellar skiing. We hung out in Skagway the next day doing some running and hiking until we finally caught the 6 hour ferry to Juneau. The ferry ride took awhile but the epic mountains in every direction took my breath away. In Juneau we checked out the town and then jetted off on a run hike out to the massive Mendenhall glacier where we explored tons of tight and big ice caves! It was truely epic. I caught my flight back to SF were now all I have are pictures missing Nikki and the breakfast bell peppers. I'll be back soon Canada and Alaska!