I've been meaning to post about what I made my family for Christmas this year! I haven't been home for Christmas in a few years so the whole gift giving thing always throws me for a loop. It was a few days before I was to fly home (we celebrated Christmas really early) and I just got back from a long trip in the desert for Thanksgiving where I contracted an awful kidney infection and was rendered useless for a few days. It was too late to order anything online and I feared the dreaded mall around Christmas so I decided to make something for them.

Step 1: Battle the crazy Christmas shoppers and leave your house.

Step 2: Buy some plain mugs or plates or really anything porcelain. I bought white mugs. They were cheap at $1 a piece!

Step 3: Visit your local arts and crafts store and buy some porcelain paint 7 bucks a color. I got black because I had no idea what my sisters kitchen colors were. No ones going to use a green mug in there orange kitchen!? Come on!

Step 4: Take a deep breath because you're home now and don't have to deal with the awfulness of Christmas.

Step 5: Let your creative side out! Patterns. Designs. Detailed master pieces!

Step 6: Follow the instructions on the paint tubes. I believe mine said to let air dry for 24 hours and then to bake at 450 degrees for 4 hours to make them dishwasher safe.

Step 7: Give them to your family or friends or keep them. I don't care.

It is really that easy...