Man did the month and a half of freedom go fast! Life has been crazy moving to San Francisco and starting a full time job. So I will now proceed to update my blog with all the exciting things I did before I started a job. After that though I will try to update more frequently probably with depressing blogs about how I hate the city its not close enough to Yosemite and I'm wasting away in a office and the occasionally I made it out climbing or surfing YAY!
To the point, I competed in my second bouldering competition at the GoPro Mountain games back on June 9th! The wall was outside on the main lawn so it tended to gather a lot of watchers. Fortunately or unfortunately it was raining and probably below freezing so we gathered no crowd but we also froze are buts off and our hands. This was a little different from my first competition for several reasons. First, I trained zero percent and probably spent about one day in the gym in the past 3 months before this competition. Second, it was two and a half hours long and really sand bagged. Last, it was outside and freezing cold and wet and raining.
Non the less I went out and tried my best and sucked pretty bad only scored about 2100 points in the first 2 hours and 20 minutes. I then sent number 19 which was an intermediate route even though I was only registered for rec [because I had climbed very little in the gym and had low confidence in my abilities]. This bumped me up to 4000 points! Did I mention I sent this route in the last 5 minutes of the competition, would have got pretty close to dead last if I hadn't finished that route.
Link to Results:
Overall it was a really solid day and I can't wait to go back next year. This time I won't do rec and I'll try and climb a little indoors before hand!

Climbing love always!