Though I am no artist, I spent a few years doing recycled art. I absolutely loved it and even had a few of my pieces in shows! Naturally this leads me to keep things, that most people would throw away, in hopes of turning it into art some day. Needless to say, my latest hording of "trash" led to this sweet wall montage.

I had been holding on to all of my old tape gloves from my bigger climbing trips. The nice thing is that I took some mediocre pictures from all of those trips as well. So I printed out an 8x10 picture from each of the trips that I used those gloves for and then framed everything. I think it turned out pretty cool. Much different from some of my other recycled art pieces being a little more sentimental and reminiscent than art. But to think you make those gloves every time you take a trip spend a good thirty minutes getting them just right and covering all the "danger" areas. Sometimes they rip and sometimes you bleed on them and sometimes you have to do some hefty repairs mid day. And most everyone just throws them away after the trip. In my opinion the tape gloves are the most memorable thing to take away from a trip, even more so than a picture. Maybe its the gash you got on your finger in that super tight finger crack that bled all over your gloves or the sharp hand crack that just wore straight through the knuckles on your gloves. Your tape gloves tell a story much deeper than one picture can capture.