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How to Build a Running Sled 2.0

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How to Build a Running Sled 2.0

As you may remember I wrote a blog about a year ago about how to build a running sled on a budget. I then ran 100 miles in Alaska with that sled, and am here to say that maybe the budget sled isn't the best option for serious endurance events. It probably is killer for dicking around town or whatever but I probably wouldn't take it out on my longest runs. So here I am coming back for round two because I just can't seem to get enough of those winter ultras!

I spent a lot of time this year researching gear and trying to go as light as possible. I really want to minimize weight and force on my hips. This is what I came up with.

Gear List:

Now that you have the meat lets get started!

Step 1: Cut the handles off the adidas bad. They're just going to get in the way anyways.

Step 2: Take bag outside and apply the first layer of water proofing. Let dry for 30 minutes while you do the rest of the steps. (pretty much just follow the instructions on the box) 

Step 3: Apply wax to the bottom of the sled and buff until shiny!

Step 4: Cut the rope from the sled in half and burn the ends.

Step 5: Tie a over hand knot on a bite and then mark the PVC pipe where you are going to cut.

Step 6: Cut the PVC pipe and then measure against the other pipe so they are the same length. Feed the rope through and tie the knot again.

Step 7: Add the next layer of water proofing.

Step 8: Attach the PVC pipes opposite each other to the connection points on the back of the harness. OPTIONAL: you can then connect the harness to a running backpack to take more weight of your hips (pretty cool right!?)

Step 9: Add bungee cords to hold bag and other gear in the sled while running. Maybe even a mesh bungee might work well!

That's it! Now to test the ultra light sled in some harsher conditions. Stay tuned....


I've put about 150+ miles on my sled now and I've decided to make a few modifications.

First I bought a new 120L duffle bag from REI

This duffle bag fits perfectly in the sled and doesn't slide around from front to back. I also was able to connect it into the sled using carabiners and maybe in the future for a more snug fit quick ties.

I was having problems with the poles smacking my butt while I ran so I opted for a more snug clove hitch to a carabiner to prevent rope stretch. I also decided to connect the poles farther apart in the back of the harness so that the sled does not tip over as easily.




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