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Test Running City Van Life

So I've decided to ease into van life very gradually, which is hard for me. If you know anything about me I am a very impulsive person. It would be more likely for me to sell all of my belongings and move into a van over the course of 24hrs instead of 3 or 4 months. None the less I've been sleeping in my van for the past 4 nights. And have learned several things just about sleeping which means I have worlds to learn about full time living. Here are my current discoveries.

  • Sweatshirt hoodie. The hood acts as a cover for light and keeps your head warm. I was skeptical at first. I never ever wear hoodies but for sleeping in a van it is a necessity. 
  • Sleeping bags. Lots of sleeping bags. Don't unzip them you want the warmth of the sleeping bag the entire way around your body. Being a little bit cold all night is probably the worst thing ever. Don't skimp on the warmth.
  • Parking. Don't park the van against a tree where the branches will sway in the wind and scrape the side of the van all night. It will get annoying.
  • Parking 2. Try to park the van on the flattest place ever. Sleeping in a slightly tilted bed made me feel like I needed to be seat belted into something. 
  • Dog. If he weighs a lot and decides to be restless it will feel like you are on a boat out at sea. The weight of the dog shifting around seems to shift everything in the van and when you're trying to sleep it feels very dramatic. Almost like you're getting towed...
  • Dog 2. Get that dog a bark collar... Last thing you want is some people stumbling by your van in the middle of the night and then have your dog bark at them. Hello super obvious someone is sleeping in that van or they are cruel and locked there dog in there alone. Whatever those people may think its not good. In the city in either case they'll probably call the cops. If your dog barks at people in the middle of the night pull yourself from your warm bed get into the driver seat and drive away. The only solution... other than getting that dog a bark collar.

It has only been 4 days I can't imagine all I have left to learn. Stay tuned. And yes in this photo the van is titled... example of how not to park your van.