Today was a slow moving day. I spent the past few days catching up with old friends and climbing at one of my favorite crags turkey rocks. Not to mention running around playing with my favorite baby too. It was good for morale.

But today it was time to start planning plotting and navigating the big mountains of Colorado. I planned my schedule to have a shorter day the first and last day of my trip and to go really big on the third day. So this morning was just a mellow 11 mile run up Antero.

The plan was to get an alpine start from Golden and be at the trailhead by 6 or 7 that way I was off the summit before the storms rolled in... Instead I got an alpine start drove to the trail junction got in the back of my van and slept till eleven. When I woke up the weather looked threatening but I decided to push anyways. The sound of thunder in the distance made me nervous but the real storm held off till I was back asleep in my car. It rained the entire time but nothing like the torrential downpour that ensued after I was safe in the van.

The run itself was an adventure mainly on 4wd roads until you ascend a gully up a steep loose slope and then across an exposed ridge to the summit. Type 2 fun coming down slipping on the wet rocks and sliding a few hundred feet over loose rocks. As I sit down now to look at my route I fear I may not have been exactly on route... Time for a hopefully simple Yale run in the am with an actual alpine start.