I did it! I signed a lease. I hope I made the right decision, but I guess I will never know. No looking back now. I decided to forgo the touristy Saulsilito and go with LarkSpur California. Equally as beautiful. Strangely enough everything north of city is gorgeous mountains and ocean. My last post was really down about moving away from Colorado and not saying I'm still not a little bummed; I will opt to tell only the good things about what I think about California.
   I was informed by a few locals of some of the best surfing in the area just west of Saulsilto! I am very excited to be able to pursue another fun hobby of mine that I admit I am very poor at. Similarly, Golden Gate National Park is just a hope and a skip away with tons of trails and hiking. Lopi and I will surely find some good runs to keep me and him in shape. Not to mention living right on the ocean will provide Lopi with the much needed water time he craves daily. Even though the climbing scene in Marin County may be slim it still exists! With books like the bay area bouldering I will surely get my fix of climbing in, even if I can't get out of the city or find a partner. And last but definitely not least is the option to go to Yosemite, Tahoe, and the High Sierras any weekend I want.
Though it's no Colorado this trip to San Francisco has made me see the silver lining of this tiny over populated area.
Here's to the future!